Land Of Misfits Farm Sanctuary in Hamilton, NY, is a labor of love for founders Amanda and David Bennett. As they prepared to buy their first house, they knew they would also be looking for a location that would suit their future farm animal residents. In December of 2017, they brought home their first resident, Peppermint Pig, affectionately known as Pepper’. Since then, they’ve rescued Sprout the pig, Thumper the rabbit, Blue the rooster, Linda, Julie, Karen, Rita, Celeste, Kathy the hens, and Binx and Dani, the barn cats, welcoming them all to their forever home at Land of the Misfits where they join Amanda and David’s rescued and adopted dogs and cats. More names to come as they’re working on quite a few new resident intakes right now.

Pictured above: Pepper’ the (pink pig) and the 1st rescue, Sprout the (black) pig, Thumper the rabbit, Blue the Rooster.

They have lots of work to do and they need our help! Their largest and most pressing goal is to prepare their space for more residents, including fencing in about 6 acres for safe grazing space and remodeling their main barn.

There are so many ways to help!

  • Symbolically adopt a farm resident with a monthly donation to provide direct care for that animal.
  • Visit their Amazon Wishlist to choose specific gifts to send the animals’ way.
  • Peruse their Misfit Shop on their website to pick up some Misfit swag where 100% of the profits directly support the animal residents.
  • Donate directly through Paypal. Full disclosure: donations are currently being accepted through the Bennett’s non-business account as they are still in the process of becoming an official 501(c)3 non-profit.
  • Last, but certainly not least; the best way to help all of our animal friends is to go vegan!

Land of the Misfits is hosting their first volunteer work party next Saturday, September 29th. They need all hands on deck, so see their event page Misfit Mayhem- Volunteer Day 2018 or contact them for more information and to sign up!

“Fiercely inspiring the compassion hidden deep within all of us to ignite by showing the passion, the soul, and the being that is within in each individual animal, through veganism, education, and awareness. We are their home. We are their voice. And here’s where they fit in.”

“We love hearing from you so please do not hesitate to direct message us! ‘Like’, comment, and share all of our posts to help us give a voice to our Animal Misfits! Welcome to the Misfit Family!”

Instagram: land_of_misfits_sanctuary