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What do you get when an architect, an interior designer and a contractor walk into a job site? Well if you’re Jen Walls and Natalie Evans, you get The Sweet Praxis! Started in 2011 as a catering business on the side, this dream and labor of love soon became a reality when the perfect location presented itself. On November 3, 2016 they opened their doors on Water Street in downtown Syracuse. Despite its vintage look and feel, every bit of the space was carefully planned, giving the shop a fresh bright lively feel.

The mission behind the dream was simple, to share their creations in a space that felt welcoming to everyone. The Sweet Praxis hopes to be an anchor in the community offering goods that cater to every taste bud. From conventional pastries to vegan and gluten free fare, they strive to accommodate all dietary desires without skimping on the flavor.

Sweet Praxis

Contrary to many places that offer vegan options, the menu isn’t limited it to one or two items. On most daysSweet Praxis half of their daily offerings are vegan and every year on Earth Day they switch their entire menu to vegan! One key aspect to their popularity amongst all customers is the time taken to craft each recipe. Deep in the catacombs of 203 E Water St. lies the bake lab where the magic is made. Each recipe is tested and re-tested many times before it finally makes its way to the display case. For example; the ever popular vegan croissants were started in November of 2017, but didn’t get the seal of approval until January 26 of 2018!

Sweet PraxisSyracuse vegans have definitely shown The Sweet Praxis a lot of love since its opening. When the vegan croissants were unveiled, a small batch of a few dozen were made, which sold out in a flash. The popularity of their vegan donuts lead to the decision to make all donuts vegan (aside from some with occasional non-vegan toppings). Other vegan favorites include Oreo style cookie sandwiches, in the fall you can find apple cider fritters, a variation of the croissant called a croiffin (think croissant/muffin), croissant sandwich variations, peanut butter buckeyes, even a salad or two have graced the cold case! In keeping with the plan to never let the menu get boring, they are always working to find new interesting ways to play with food.

If all of the flavors have left you wanting more, don’t worry more new things are on the horizon. One detail that has often impressed many customers is fresh flowers on the tables. Soon fresh flowers may adorn some baked goods as well, being used as an edible garnish. A long term goal which has just entered the lab is the plan to develop some raw vegan treats, desserts and pastries. Simple raw recipes that are both healthy and delicious. As with all of their previous launches, they won’t make it to the sales floor until the flavors are perfect!

The Sweet Praxis is open Tuesday through Saturday, 7-5:30 weekdays and 8-3 on Saturday. Along with the baked goods they serve their own blend of Recess Coffee & Roastery Coffee, which you can top off with a bit of Oatly oat milk or enjoy in a cappuccino or latte!

Sweet Praxis