New Cafe in Clinton, NY

Soul Bowl Clinton

We took a ride to Clinton to check out a new business that is making a boom in this small town. Soul Bowl is a small cafe focused onraw food bowls, smoothies and juices. After working the summer at local food festivals selling raw bowls, co-owner Jenna Stanton teamed up with her mother Sue to open a brick and mortar location. Situated just off Park Row in Clinton, Soul Bowl is on the lower level of a cute old brick building.

Raw Whole Foods that NourishSoul Bowl - Clinton

The focus of Soul Bowl is to offer raw whole foods that nourish and fuel the body, all while tasting delicious. The menu features a wide array of options with multiple flavor combinations from berries & bananas to peanut butter & chocolate. They are very proud to feature açaí as one of their main bowl ingredients, known as a superfood for its many health benefits. The selections are almost completely vegan, just take note of a few items may have honey or Nutella; both of which they will gladly swap with a vegan replacement.

Soul Bowl - Clinton
Amazon Power Bowl- Pure acai topped with banana, apple, granola, peanut butter and coconut yogurt

Find Soul Bowl

Soul Bowl is located at 3 Kirkland Ave in Clinton, NY. They are open 9am-4pm Tuesday through Saturday. Find them on Facebook, Instagram or at