If you came to our Vegan After Work event at The Hops Spot in Skewed Brewing - WatertownOctober, then you know about their great vegan menu. Did you know they have a second location in the north country with the same vegan options?

Located in the Salmon Run Mall in Watertown is their sister location, Skewed Brewing. It’s tucked quietly away at the end of the food court, next to the movie theaters. A very clean cut, neat, friendly bar/restaurant. Similar to The Hops Spot, they feature a wide array of beers on tap and most importantly a Vegan menu!


Upon arriving I asked for the Vegan menu & was handed a special separate menu, no need to substitute or make special requests.  There are multiple versions of Beyond burgers, poutine, salads and some other starters. All equally delicious!

Skewed Brewing - Watertown

Skewed Brewing has taken note of the rise of veganism and their options are very welcome in the Watertown area. Hopefully this trend continues with other local business as 2019, The Year of the Vegan, continues!


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