Driving east on 690, you may have noticed a billboard featuring a little dog in a Santa hat with the message, “Puppies aren’t presents, they’re a lifetime commitment.” They were placed by a Colorado based non-profit called Harley’s Dream.

Founded in 2016, Harley’s Dream has a single focus; ending puppy mills. HarleyHarley is the one eyed chihuahua featured in the ads. After his rescue, Harley followed a difficult path to recovery. Living 10 years in a cage, being used only for breeding had taken its toll. With his newfound caregivers, his personality emerged and he quickly became an advocate for ending the industry that he had escaped.

We spoke with Michele Burchfield, the marketing coordinator for Harley’s Dream and asked why Syracuse was chosen. The billboard is one of 65 that have been placed around the US,  with the goal of flooding the country with this message before Christmas. This time of year animals are often purchased as gifts, which also coincides with owners abandoning senior dogs in the weeks following the holidays. The billboard’s message is simple, but one glance at their website will give you a wide range of education about the puppy mill topic.

There are two ways you can help with their message- supporting their mission through donations and participating in a program called Harley’s Heroes.

Donations will go to further future campaigns and increase their ability to educate more people.

Harley’s Heroes is an activism based national group. Interested parties can create a local branch in their area, where they will receive guidance for peaceful protests, demonstrations and how to table at events.

If you would like to donate or learn more, check out their website.

Harley's Dream Billboard