Gretchen’s Confections is a lovely chocolatier café in Auburn, with a variety of vegan options.

My first visit to Gretchen’s was for their chocolate tasting event. My wife and I debated heading out that snowy evening, and I’m so glad we did! Stepping out of the cold into the brightly lit café, I was instantly greeted by warm aromas of freshly brewed coffee and decadent chocolates. There was musical entertainment in the cozy open area and many patrons were gathered around, enjoying the festivities.

As I made my way to over try their vegan chocolate samples, I was greeted by several friendly staff members who were eager to share their tasty creations. I sampled Mint Meltaways and a dark chocolate fruit and coconut bar.  Their dark chocolate is absolutely the smoothest and creamiest vegan chocolate I have ever tasted! I could not believe it was vegan. The owner, Gretchen Christenson, assured me it was vegan, and then we spent a few minutes discussing their chocolate sources and preparations.


After enjoying their tasty confections, I inquired about their dairy alternatives for a latte. I was delighted to discover they have four options! Oat, almond, soy, and coconut milks can all be substituted in your favorite coffee or hot chocolate creations. They freshly grind beans for every order, serving locally owned Cracked Bean Roastery coffee for their delicious Gretchen’s Blend.  Their espressos are divine since they are brewed by their imported handmade La Marzocco machine.


We enjoyed their chocolate so much, I returned the following week for some Valentine’s day shopping, and keep going back for their sweet treats, because they are just too good to pass up.  While chatting with the staff, I found they also carry some vegan bakery items which are made in a local nut free facility from Eat More Sweets Bakery. If you are looking for something savory, they also have vegan soup by Potatoes and Molasses, made with locally sourced produce and vegetables from their farm.


Gretchen’s is always coming up with new ideas and recently they created two new vegan chocolates. First, a “honeycomb” toffee, dipped in dark chocolate that will really make your taste buds go BUZZ-BUZZ. Second, a dark chocolate delight, made with a soft marzipan center and a subtle almond and orange essence. The name of this confection awaits the winner of the New Chocolate Naming Contest! So, head over to Gretchen’s Confections for a scrumptious chocolate experience, with farm to table savory options that any vegan would adore.


Photos courtesy of Gretchen’s Confections

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