Featured Talks & Speakers

ASL Interpreter

Lauren Ornelas

Food Justice: How your food choices can change the world

lauuren Ornelas is the Founder and Executive Director for Food Empowerment Project, which advocates for food justice with a vegan perspective.  She will be joined by their Programs and Marketing Director, Erika Galera.  To learn more about Food Empowerment Project and the amazing work they do visit https://foodispower.org/

Faith and Ben Rayland

Vegan Health and Fitness

Veganism in Practice: Real life tips from a vegan mom

Faith and Ben Rayland – Coach Ben (CSCS) is owner/operator at Rampage Strength and Conditioning and Faith is a mom who feeds 7 hungry people every day.

Demosthenes Maratos

Veganism is Environmentalism

Communications director and adjunct instructor at the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College. Featured in the 2014 documentary film, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability SecretVegan Living Program board member.

Jon Tedd


Jon Tedd co-founder of Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary You can find him cooking vegan food on YouTube with The Vegan Zombie and The Vegan Homestead!

Vegan Bosses

A panel of vegan restauranteurs moderated by the V Spot: Podcast

Dani and Katt will chat with Joel Capolongo of Strong Hearts Cafe, here in Syracuse, Andrea Parros of The Red Fern, in Rochester, Sara Liu of Parlor City Vegan in Binghamton, and Joey Berben of Berben and Wolff’s in Albany.

Food Demos

A’keema S. Austin

Holistic Supernatural

Chris Cooney

The Vegan Zombie

Britt LoSacco