Syracuse VegFest 2019 Application

Syracuse VegFest Vendor Application

Please complete this application thoroughly.
Incomplete applications may result in a delayed response time. Application must be completed online via this form. Do not email, snail mail, or hand deliver your application as we will not be able to process it.
If you have any trouble or don't see an option that you need, please contact us at
Booth Type

All Exhibitors may give away small food samples, product samples, and sell products and/or packaged food that is not meant for consumption at VegFest. All samples, products and marketing materials must be vegan. For-Profit Exhibitors  may sell food that they prepare on site to be consumed at Vegfest provided they obtain the appropriate permits at their own cost.

We will provide two chairs for all exhibitors. If your display requires a table, you may bring your own or reserve one through us for an additional charge.

Standard Booth size is appx. 10’ wide x 8’ deep. Deluxe Booth size is appx. 20' wide x 10' deep . Located along the perimeter of the event space, deluxe booths stand out in the crowd. Local exhibitors who have a stake in the community but may not be able to afford the standard space may contact us to discuss options.

Late Donation A late fee of $25 has been added now that it is well after the deadline of Aug 15


Booth Type

$150 / 2nd space $90

Standard Exhibitor (for profit)

$250 / 2nd space $150

Deluxe Exhibitor (for profit)




Vegan Organization/Sanctuary

Type of Vendor
Select a Vendor Option
Additional Booth Space?
We offer great discounts on vendors who need a bit more space. Get 40% off on additional booths.
Corner Booth Upgrade
We have 6 standard corner booth spaces available to exhibitors. Upgrade your spot today! (Contact us if you are interested in one of two deluxe booth corner spaces)
Reserve Table(s)
If you need table(s) for your booth and cannot provide your own, we will rent table(s) for you. Standard booths will fit one table across the front, deluxe booths may fit up to 3 across. ($15 each)
Additional Booth Costs:

Vendor Details

Please list the products/services that you will be promoting.
Please give us a quick overview of what you will be showcasing in your booth.
Are you providing samples? *
If you are Providing Samples, please describe them.
Many Vendors serving prepared food to the public require having a food permit at the event which has an additional cost. Please contact us and the Onondaga Health Department for details. A health inspector may show up the day of the event. Health permits MUST be filed at least 15 days before the event, so please contact us ASAP if serving food. Visit for the temporary food permit guidelines and application.
Will you be serving/sampling food? *
If yes, be sure to read condition 6 on Terms and Conditions clearly.
How did you hear about Syracuse VegFest:
If someone referred you to us, can you please share?
Is this your first vegfest?

Vendor Options

Special Location Request?
Is there a specific location which you would prefer to be placed, or is there a friend's business which you would like to be near? We cannot guarantee placements but we will do our best.
Please describe where you want to be located, or which company you want to be placed near:
Electricity (check one of the below options)
If electricity is needed, list the devices and amps required.
Simple electronics are not of concern such as laptops, tablets or cell phones. We need to know about electronics that are high wattage.
Note that we cannot guarantee electrical outlets for each exhibitor. We will prioritize food vendors and then reserve outlets for exhibitors on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will let you know whether we can meet your request.

Be sure to bring extension cords and power strips in case you need to share with a neighboring Vendor. No butane burners allowed.

Sponsorship Upgrade

Sponsoring Syracuse VegFest is a great way to promote your organization. Please email us at if you have any questions about sponsorships.
Interested in sponsoring Syracuse VegFest?

Sponsorship Benefits

Benefactor ($1,000+)

 Gold (Total of $500+)

Silver (Total of $250+)

Bronze (+$75)

X - prominent placement

X - prominent placement



Logo and link to site on Syracuse Vegfest Website





Sponsorship mention on Syracuse Vegfest Social Media




Advertisement in prime locations throughout the festival




Listed on Print Advertisement




Verbal announcement at VegFest




Vendor Booth w/table and chairs



Prime Vendor Booth Location

X – prominent placement


Hang your banner at VegFest entrance


Contact us to customize

Deadline for logo to appear in print advertisement (Silver and up): July 15, 2019 The sooner you apply, the sooner your name/logo will be advertised digitally and when we speak to the media. Sign up now to get the most out of your sponsorship!
Upgrade to Sponsor Level (Optional)
Vegan CNY/Syracuse VegFest is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit. All Donations Are Tax Deductible.

Volunteer Staffing Option

If you are unable to represent your organization at Syracuse VegFest, we offer to staff your table with volunteers for the day. You should send all supplies needed and an information sheet with talking points, answers to common questions, etc. that we will give to the volunteers to support their company during the day.
Will a representative from your organization be present for Syracuse VegFest? *

Day of Event Contact Info

Would you like volunteers for your booth?
We ask for a $60 donation for each volunteer for the day. We charge because we have a very limited number of volunteers.
Donation for volunteers


Syracuse VegFest Raffle

Syracuse VegFest is a very expensive event to put on and vendor fees do not cover all the costs so we have a raffle to add a bit more income to the event. We would appreciate it if you could donate a gift to the raffle.
Would you like an additional opportunity to show off your products/services by donating an item to our raffle? *
Please describe the raffle prize:
Please package your raffle item in a decorative basket and mail it to arrive by 10/11/19 to:

3127 Hidden Lake Drive
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

or bring it with you on the event day.


Syracuse VegFest Volunteer Gifts

We would like to give away giftbags to our volunteers. Would you be open to donating items to our volunteers? We have about 40 volunteers at the event. You may ship these ahead of time or bring them with you on the day of the event.
Would you like to donate items to our volunteers? *
Please describe the volunteer gift:
Please bring day of event or mail them to:

61 Brown St
Baldwinsville, NY 13027


Syracuse VegFest Giftbags

We pass out items in the beginning of the event for first come attendees. Would you like to have your items showcased? We prefer donations of 100-500 items.
Would you like to donate items to our giftbags? *
Please describe the gift bag donation:
Please bring day of event or mail them to:

61 Brown St
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

Additional Donation to Vegan CNY/Syracuse VegFest
Would you like to donate a bit extra to help us put on this community building event?
Vendor Total Cost

Syracuse VegFest Terms and Conditions

After reading thoroughly, please initial agreement for every term and then sign at the bottom of this page.

1. Definitions:
In this agreement, "Vendor" refers to any Sponsor, Vendor, Business or Organization selling or giving away food or products or presenting information at a booth or stand at Syracuse VegFest. "Syracuse VegFest" refers to the organizers of the event as well as the parent organization Vegan CNY.
Initial Agreement
2. No Animal-Based Products
In keeping with Syracuse VegFest core principles, all items displayed, advertised, sold, or sampled during the event may not be or contain any animal products. This includes but is not limited to: meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, and other animal- based additives. This also includes items made from or with animal fur, leather, hides, feathers, wool, horns or silk. Merchandise should not be tested on animals. Violators may be removed from festival upon inspection and booth will not be refunded, if unwilling to remove animal derived items.

I understand that the below listed food items are NOT vegan:
Dairy Milk
Animal Meat
Dairy Butter
Beeswax and Bee Pollen
Initial Agreement
3. Deadlines and Refunds:
  1. Each exhibitor must submit an individual application and payment.
  2. Payment is required to hold space at event. Applications without payment will be void.
  3. NO Refunds unless Vendor's application has been rejected by Syracuse VegFest. Contact us if you need to cancel your spot and we may offer a 1/2 refund on a case by case basis.
  4. Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of Syracuse VegFest, including but not limited to inclement weather, war, terrorism, or lockouts, the event coordinators and Syracuse VegFest shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Should any contingency prohibit the event from taking place as scheduled, event coordinators will make their best effort to reschedule the event on a weekend day as near to the original date as possible.
Initial Agreement
4. Payments and Reservations:
  1. Vendor information, agreement, payment, and contract are submitted via Vendor online portal. Full payment must be made by 3 days before event including any late fees.
  2. Vendor booths will be subject to Syracuse Vegfest's final approval & space availability.
  3. Syracuse VegFest reserves the right to accept or decline any application at its discretion.
Initial Agreement
5. Setup and Tear Down:
  1. Standard booths: appx. 10’x8’ space.  Syracuse VegFest will provide 2 chairs. Vendors should provide their own tables, tablecloths and booth decorations such as pull up banners.
  2. Deluxe booths: 20'x10' space - Syracuse VegFest will provide 2 chairs. Vendors should provide their own tables, tablecloths and booth decorations such as pull up banners.
  3. Setup begins at 7:30 am. Exhibitors must be ready for operation by 9:30 am. There will likely be a setup window available the day before. Contact us if you are interested in this option.
  4. Exhibitors must staff their tables during the entire event from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  5. Vendors are responsible for setting up and tearing down their OWN equipment. Vendor spaces must be surrendered in the same condition in which they were when received.
  6. Electricity will be available to booths at a first come first serve basis. Please let us know if your electrical devices require anything other than a standard electrical outlet.
  7. If you need to hang a banner, you need to supply your own banner stands.  Banners cannot be attached to any walls, trees or buildings.
  8. Exhibitors must have clearly displayed signs, which identify name, products, and prices where applicable.
  9. No Vendor may break down booth prior to 5 pm.
Initial Agreement
6. Food-Related Vendors:
Many Vendors serving prepared food to the public require having a food permit at the event which has an additional cost. Please contact us and the Onondaga Health Department for Details. A health inspector may show up the day of the event.

Health permits MUST be filed at least 15 days before the event so please contact us ASAP if serving food. Visit for guidelines and application.
Initial Agreement
7. Zero to Waste and Environmental Friendly:
  1. Styrofoam may NOT be used.
  2. In order to present a green event and to reduce trash, food samples and servings should have minimal packaging and compostable utensils to be used. 
  3. <
Initial Agreement
8. Legal Claims
Vendors agree to make no claim for any reason against event staff, coordinators, volunteers, Vegan CNY officers, Syracuse VegFest, and New York State Fairgrounds for loss, theft, damage, or destruction of goods, nor for injury to themselves, employees, volunteers, or visitors incurred at the event. Vendors will not interfere with the safety, success, and effectiveness of VegFest. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior, display materials, literature, venue equipment, or operations, unusual odors, or extending beyond Vendor space and/or blockage of public passageways.

Vendors may not solicit/sample to/or petition attendees beyond the confines of their booth.

Music and/or recordings must not interfere with neighboring booths.

Vendor agrees to comply with all the regulations of the facility hosting the Festival and all federal, state, and municipal laws, including health and safety. Vendor agrees to be responsible for collection and reporting of sales tax as required by law. Vendor shall be responsible for obtaining all licenses, permits, health certificates or items required by governmental agencies in order that Vendor’s booth/concession may be lawfully operated.
9. General Vendor Rules
Syracuse VegFest has full authority to stop Vendor from operating, without refund, should Vendor sell or promote products and/or services other than those stated in Vendor’s application.
  1. The following items are strictly prohibited from being sold, displayed, distributed, or used by Vendor:
    1. Illicit Drugs
    2. Smoking and Cigarettes
    3.  Firecrackers, Fireworks, or Similar Items
    4. Weapons and Firearms
    5. Vulgar, Offensive, Sexually Explicit, or Obscene materials as judged by Syracuse VegFest, and such judgment shall be final.
  1. Vendors shall not share or sublease any part of their booth space for any other business unless explicitly and previously agreed to by Syracuse Vegfest.
  2. Vendor shall not modify, adjust, damage or remove any part of their booth.
  3. Vendor may be requested to remove a product or service displayed at the Festival at the sole discretion of Syracuse VegFest if deemed unsuitable by Syracuse VegFest, and such decision shall be final. Vendor agrees that Syracuse VegFest shall not be liable for any damages or losses, pecuniary or otherwise, foreseen or unforeseen, incurred by Vendor as a result of such action.
  4. Vendor is prohibited from soliciting, selling, and promoting its products/services, including but not limited to, distributing fliers, greater than eight (8) feet around Vendor’s booth.
  5. Vendors using amplified sound must place their sound systems within the rented booth space, and the sound level shall not exceed 30 decibels. Non-compliance with these rules pertaining to amplified sound, after the first warning, shall result in expulsion of vendor from the festival.
  6. Vendor agrees to be held responsible for Vendor’s (and Vendor’s staff’s) own actions within Festival grounds that may result in additional fines by the city, county, or other levels of government, i.e. oil spills.
  7. Vendors agree to permit photographs and video to be taken of them, their volunteers, and their booths at Syracuse VegFest, to be used for the purposes of future promotion and advertising of the event. All photographs/video footage will be the property of Syracuse VegFest.
  8. Syracuse VegFest reserves the right to remove any Vendors from the Festival.
10. Media Release & Social Media Requests:
Syracuse VegFest may take photos and video of you and your exhibit table and use it for our promotions.

(Recommended) SOCIAL MEDIA – Please take a moment to share the Facebook event on your social media accounts. The more people that know about Syracuse VegFest, the bigger success it will be. Thank you.

Facebook Event - Please do not create unique Syracuse VegFest events but instead add the official Syracuse VegFest event to your company calendar.
11. No Forced Graphic Imagery
Syracuse VegFest is both a celebration of veganism and a place for information about plant-based living. With this double function in mind, Syracuse VegFest recognizes the necessity of graphic imagery as an education tool, but wants to maintain the idea of celebration.

We allow graphic imagery, but please keep the following guidelines in mind: Any graphic imagery that attendees are forced to see is not allowed. If literature has a graphic image on the front page, we ask that it be hidden by a blank piece of paper. Graphic images inside of literature are acceptable and may still be distributed (please specify in the product description). If you have any questions, please contact us. We reserve the right to disallow any graphic imagery that does not fit within these guidelines on the day of the festival.
This agreement states the entire contract between, Vegan CNY/Syracuse VegFest and the Vendor. No changes will be valid unless agreed to by both parties in writing.

Payment Options & Submit Application

How would you like to pay?
You may either send us an electronic payment through paypal ( using your credit card or mail us a check.
Amount To Pay Today
After you click Submit, you will pay this amount on the next page using Paypal, Credit Card or mailing us a check.
Upon clicking submit (which does take a bit, please be patient and wait until you see the next screen), you and Vegan CNY will both get an email with all the details from your form, so you will have a record.

A script will pop up letting you know the form went through and you will see the address to mail a check as well as the web address to pay via PayPal.

If there are any issues with this form or you need to make changes after submission, please contact