Vendors/Exhibitors Syracuse Vegfest 2019

Interesting in vending or exhibiting at Syracuse Vegfest? You’ve come to the right place.  Interested in becoming solely a sponsor?

Sponsors (Silver level and above) will be guaranteed an exhibitor space, so if you want to guarantee yourself a space, please consider sponsoring the event! Preference will be given to exhibitors offering free samples.

2019 Syracuse Vegfest Online Vendor/Sponsor Application                           Click here to pay fees via PayPal

Booth Type

All Exhibitors may give away small food samples, product samples, and sell products and/or packaged food that is not meant for consumption at VegFest. All samples, products and marketing materials must be vegan.
For-Profit Exhibitors  may sell food provided they obtain the appropriate permits at their own cost.

We will provide two chairs for all exhibitors. If your display requires a table, you may bring your own or reserve one through us for an additional charge. 

Standard Booth size is appx. 10’ wide x 8’ deep.
Deluxe Booth
size is appx. 20′ wide x 10′ deep . Located along the perimeter of the event space, deluxe booths stand out in the crowd.

Local exhibitors who have a stake in the community but may not be able to afford the standard space may contact us to discuss options.

Late Donation You may add the late donation ($25) in the donation field at the end of the form if you are applying after Aug 17.


Booth Type

$150 / 2nd space $90

Standard Exhibitor (for profit)

$250 / 2nd space $150

Deluxe Exhibitor (for profit)




Vegan Organization/Sanctuary



2019 Exhibitors


Strong Hearts Cafe


Knifehand Nutrition   Knifehand Nutrition


The Sweet Praxis

The Sweet Praxis






      Parlor City Vegan



People for Animal Rights


People for Animal Rights



Radiance Bath & Spa Essentials

Radiance Bath and Spa Essentials





 Old Fly Farm

Old Fly Farm