VeganCNY committees

Committees are where the work of the organization takes place. In addition to volunteers who come to events and volunteer in our programs, we are also looking for members to help us with the planning and implementation of programs, outreach and fundraising.  If you might be interested in serving on the Board of Directors some day, working on a committee is a great way to get your feet wet.

Committee members must be a member of Vegan CNY – find out about how to become a member here

Programs and Events

Committee Chair: Jim Thompson


Purpose: To promote the vegan lifestyle by providing opportunities for vegans and those interested in veganism to meet, network, and make connections. To create awareness of veganism in and connect with the wider community. 

What you can do: Help plan and/or run an event or program. In addition to events and programs we already run -Food Share, Vegan Living Program, Vegan After Work, Vegan Living Program, some ideas might be family friendly events, tabling at community events, launching the VeganCNY Savings Card, VeganCNY Menu Initiative (getting vegan menus into more local restaurants), summer kids breakfast/lunch programs, special events like film screenings, study groups, speakers, holiday meals, and more.  

Meetings: Mostly virtual communication, in person meetings as needed.

Talk to Jim about joining the committee or working on an event/program:  


 Committee Chair: Stephanie Langer

Purpose: To oversee the creation and distribution of promotional and informational materials.  Collect and maintain data collected from programs and events for use by VeganCNY and its members.

What you can do: Write for web pages (like Why Vegan?), articles, business reviews, newsletter, social media.  Help put together a monthly newsletter. Lead or work on a marketing campaign. Help coordinate web design and web page updating and/or social media postings. Build data collection tools, input data.

Meetings: Mostly virtual communication, in person meetings as needed.

Talk to Stephanie about joining the committee or submitting your work: 

Animal Advocacy

Purpose:To promote animal rights within Syracuse & surrounding areas.

What is needed: Plan and implement protests, demonstrations, leafleting, tabling, other educational opportunities. Organize trips and volunteering at sanctuary trips and other pro-animal organizations. 

Meetings: As needed

Talk to us about joining the committee or planning an educational opportunity: 


Purpose:Coordinates membership drives, keeps track of membership growth and participation, connects new members with appropriate committees, plans annual full membership meeting

What is needed: Organize membership drives, Plan annual meeting, help new members bridge into volunteer work and committees
Meetings: Quarterly and as needed

Talk to us about joining the committee or working on membership tasks:

Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Sue Chase

Purpose: To oversee and provide guidance on all financial matters, as well as report financial standing/performance.

What is needed: Work with committees to assess their needs and help develop committee budgets. Help develop consolidated budget for all of Vegan CNY. Identify grant opportunities and oversee grant writing. Identify potential donors and seek donations. Plan and organize fundraisers. Track and report finance activity.

Meetings: Depending on task, as needed.

Talk to Sue about joining the finance committee or helping out with fundraising:

Governance Committee

Committee Chair: Alice Franke

Purpose: The Governance Committee will assist the Board of Directors of Vegan CNY, Inc. to fulfill its responsibilities regarding matters that relate to governing the organization and in identifying and making recommendations to the board candidates to be Board Directors.

What is needed: People who can help draft policies and procedures for assessing current board members as individuals and as a board, recruiting and onboarding new board members, and general operating policies and procedures.

Meeting frequency: quarterly and as needed

Talk to Alice about joining the committee or helping to draft policies/procedures:

Syracuse Vegfest

Committee Chair: Theresa Stowell

Plans and coordinates Syracuse Vegfest: Venue, logistics, vendors, presenters, volunteers, etc.  Some areas are heavier lifting than others, but being on the Vegfest planning committee requires a significant commitment. 

Contact Theresa if you’re interested in being part of the planning committee: